Sunday, January 25, 2004
Tis time to move on

Hello dearest people.

This is, sadly, my last post in Blogdrive. Yep, you read it right. I am quitting from Blogdrive. worries though! I have a new blog. It is located at here. So dun worry...I'm just moving. The reason why I moved to Blogger is because my computer somehow can't view Blogdrive using IE. Hence, I had to use Opera everytime I wanted to blog. Susah le...I like using IE.

Besides that, I feel that I wanted to, the Blogger account.

Have fun...and I'll see you guys around.


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Thursday, January 22, 2004

Music of the moment : Nothing. I'm in front of the tv, watching The Stupids at Cinemax. LOL ^_^

So, I reached home around five am just now and I'm now frikkin tired. But stragely though, I can't seem to sleep. Oroo? Am I losing my sleep ability? U decide. Hee hee. ^^

I'm gonna go Lumut in an hour to visit my aunty there, and she's gonna bring us to Pulau Pangkor! Yeaahhhhh!!!! ^^ Me liketh the beach!!! Yeyeyeyeyeye!!!! *_* suddenly I love my aunty very much (not that I dun like her or anything, but you get whut I mean ne?)

Okie dokie. I can't be long now. I have a vacation waiting for me! WHEEEE~~~

p/s - Ariff! Cepat la masuk lam beg I!

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Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Music of the moment : Kimi Ga Iru - Glay

Take a look at my new pet! He is now residing at my side section! Minna, say "Hi!" to my new pet cow, MOO~! Mind you, Moo~ is a very special cow, because he is a dancing cow!!!! ^_^v yep, you read it right! And I decided that he shud have his own space in this blog of mine because of this particular reason:

x. I can watch him everyday, since I practically come here every five minutes
x. He will not be ran over by a car
x. He's so kawaii that he deserves all the attention he can get!

So, Moo~ will now be my own lil cow. I love you MOO~! Dare not to insult him in any way possible! *stares you with a glaring eye* AND DO NOT STEAL HIM! If you want a pet yourself, click at the ©Yasmin2004 link that I've put below my pet cert. Ok? Got it? Good. KAWAII!

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Miss MMU and loads more!

Music of the moment : Spirit Dreams Inside - L'Arc-En-Ciel

Huiseh....suare Hyde pagi-pagi. So refreshing. KAWAII! Neways, I shall report about yesterday ok?

I went to class, as usual, at ten. Huhuhu. There were like, only ten of us, out of 20, because all of the others went back home already for CNY. Takpe, takmo datang kelas tak cakap awal-awal....takpe takpe...dimaapkan. Ape punye classmates da.....After that, I went to lunch with Hwee Yin, met up with Adelaine at Main Hall because she got this full dress rehearsal going on for the Miss MMU finals later on that night (I shall elaborate more). And somehow, A LOT of people asked me about the tickets for the Miss MMU thingy in class. Aiya, mase Adelaine dok sebok jual takmo bli....Haiseh -_-# I should join SPARC next year. Heh.

So, there I was, walking with Hwee Yin to Fosee block for our next class. Then we kinda heard all this hoo-ha at the lobby. We were like "Oro??" Turns out that MUET result is out already and ERU decided to post it out at the lobby. No wonder....I GOT BAND 5!! OUT OF SIX! Yeaahhhhhhhh!!!! I was so shaking at time I cud hardly compose any sms. But I did. I TOLD Yana, mum, Ariff and Ida what I got. Hehehehe.....Hwee Yin also got 5. YOU GO GIRL ^_^/

After that, more classes and stuff. I just couldn't wait for it to be over coz I was so so tired. tired wat mende pon dono lah. Everyday pon also tired. Heh. So, at 5 something, we finished our class and I ran back home because it was raining and I hanged my clothes to dry earlier that morning. Darn, when I got home, my clothes were like a bit wet. But not drenched. THANK GOD. So, after that, feeling a bit dissapointed because my clothes were not dry T_T , I showered and went downstairs to buy batteries for my digi camera. Heh. I looked forward to click LOADS of pictures for that Miss MMU thingy. Turun bawah, nampak org buat maksiat pulak....There was this couple kissing and touching here and there O_O ORO???...Isk...mementanglah tgh ujan...ingat tade org tgk ker? Sum more the girl was a tudung-wearing girl...Haih...Find a room. I dun mind whether ur a tudung girl or whatever, just find a room. Rosak permandangan sekejap. @_@

So, I went to Main Hall after that, and found Melvin, Kenneth, and Chin Huat were already waiting for us there. Hehehe...we went in after Melvin fetched his friend (duno whuts the name, but I like his stoney face. KAKKOI!), and after Wei Lit and Nelson showed up. Kewlie. Some of the girls there came with some over the top getup...with dresses and heels some more. And they were JUST watching the show. Heh. After we got our places and all, (we sat in the fifth+sixth row, because the first three rows were reserved ones, and the fourth row was occupied T_T), we were entertained by this performance by the "Harry Potter" guitarist and also his friend....Uh...dun ask me why I called him Harry Potter...he simply looked like Potter. Heh~ Me and Vincent were like "Get off the stage man!!!!!!" because they were on the stage for like, 30 FRIKKIN MINUTES! @_@ I was temporarily deaf after hearing them perform. Amazes me, coz they can simply goreng-goreng gitar like that for half an hour. Fuh....

After that, the arrival of our miss kecik-comei, Yasmin. Hoho...kesian Mamin eh? She waited for Juwita outside Main Hall, and she got in late because Juwita was late. Huh...sian Mamin. Neways, after that, the MC for that night appreared in somewhat cool opening...HE DANCED. O_O Fuiyo....hehehe...We later learnt that he earned his name written in Malaysia's Book of Record for the Dj who talked non-stop for 15 hours! No wonder...I now can believe it. He was quite an entertainer actually, being able to sing the "Where's The Love?" and stuff. He rapped all the way. FUIYOOOOO.......

Well, I can't remember much what happened after that. I know they got this really cool performances by a girl named Shima who sang Richard Marx's Right Here Waiting, and a Latin dance, an Indian dance, a traditional Malay dance, and also a performance by this Ruff Edge-VE wannabe that made up from our own MMu students. Kewlie. Bile diorg kuar jer....

Yasmin : Izyan! Yg ujung tuh kiut la....!!!! Amik gambo cepat!!!
Izyan : Ha ahh!! Kiut la! Muke cam boyish gile...

We both later learn that his name is Izwan (he announced it), and compared to his group members (there were five of them), he's the coolest dresser. Wahahaha. Kiut cam kucing jer.

Ok, after that, time for the TOP 5 girls! Adelaine got into TOP 5! Waaaa!!! *_* We screamed like hell because we weren't expecting that, she wasn't also because she was like "Who? MEEEE?????" Hehehe. But sadly though, she didn't win. But BEING IN THE TOP 5 is cool enuff!!!! Jamie Pang won, and all the guys cheered for her. Heh. I kinda expected that she will win coz she's a model, and she kinda stood out from the rest. BLEH. And Cindy got no 3!!! Kewlie CINDY!!!!!! ^_^/

So here's Adelaine that night...

Gomen ne...a bit blur. But you can see right?? Hehehe. And also, I managed to snap those RuffEdge-VE wannabe picture! Take a look!

Haha! Look at the guy who's on the right! That guy who's the cute one... Mamin suke yek....Hehe. Actually we wanted to take his picture alone, but he's quite shy, so he kinda dragged his buddies along. And he's actually quite short! He's just about my height, if not, shorter a bit. Ariff jugak yg beh.......^_^v. So anybody out there, interested? ( berniage plak...)

And after that, we went to eat late late late dinner (around 12 something) and to my surprise, Pecal came to Melaka. Huiseh...mmg gemar sungguh akan Melaka.

Hehehe. So I'm gonna go now. Have fun guys! ^_^

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Monday, January 19, 2004
where did I go right?

Music of the moment : It's You - Michelle Branch

Rite. So it's Monday again. And today's the Miss MMU finals. Adelaine's competing. And I really need to go toilet. NOW. Uh....

By the way, I just realized that I won't have any classes for tomorrow and the day after. But I still have to go to school to collect the MUET slip. Urgh. Hopefully I'll get what I wanted (dun hope too much la wei, you screwed up the essay paper, remember?) I'll just DIE if I didn't get what I want. +_+

OMG. Two more days. After that, I'll be gone from Melaka for a week! Yeah! I love you, HOME!

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Sunday, January 18, 2004
yet ANOTHER survery

Music of the moment : Happy Together - Simple Plan

Another survey I ripped off from somewhere. Heh...sorry, I didn't really know what to babble for today, so here goes.


First best friend: That girl in my standard three class...Siti Raihana. She gave me her picture to remember her by when I told her that I had to move to Kedah. I wonder where she is now...

First date: Uh? When I was sixteen...2001

First Break-up: 2001 (Screw him!)

First screen name: mercurygal

First self purchased album: Um...The Moffatts *I still love you, Bob Moffatt*

First funeral : Ahhh? Hehehe....never been to one before. ^^'

First pets: This lovely cat named Jeffry. It had this sparkling blue eyes and striped body. I love you Jeffry....I lost him when I was 10 T_T

First piercing/tattoo: Ears, when I was 7.

First credit card: card=havoc. 'Nuff sed.

First true love: Ahmad Ariff

First enemy: Hoh. E-clown bastard. I've had few enemies before, but I usually made up with them. But I really hate this girl. What a bitch.

First big trip: Heh...when I went to Langkawi. I was ten.

First play/musical/performance: Uh...I remembered dancing "Ulek Mayang" for my tadika graduation. Bleh. I went home, and everybody laughed, because apparently the teacher forgot to take off my makeup. I looked like a clown.

First musician you remember hearing in your house: Roxette's Listen To Your Heart. My mum's a Roxette freak.


Last cigar: I dun smoke. Smoking is a big no-no.

Last kiss: Few weeks mum kissed me on the cheeks.

Last good cry: Last Sunday....heh. Dun ask me about what though, I prolly can't remember ^_^v

Last library book checked out: "The Idiot's Guide to Learning HTML" from MMU Melaka library.

Last movie seen: A Walk To Remember...I watched it like, three times already. Never failed to make me cry....hehe.

Last beverage drank: Plain water.

Last food consumed: Lunch. White rice+eggs+chicken. So unhealthy. I shud eat more vegetables.

Last crush: Hoh. Ahmad Ariff.

Last phone call: Mum. She called me.

Last tv show watched: Er...that TV:ISM. Mende hape tah tuh...bosan.

Last time showered: This morning...not actually morning la, nak dekat tengah hari dah pon.

Last shoes worn: My sky blue slippers. I LOVE IT! *_*

Last cd played: Michelle Branch's Hotel Paper

Last item bought: 2 packets of honey-coated sunflower seeds, potato buns, and a can of coke.

Last annoyance: Physics assignment. I cud never understand Physics.

Last disappointment: Last Wednesday, when our English lecturer blindly rejected our drama script.

Last soda drank: Ye good olde Coke.

Last ice cream eaten: Last Monday. Solero Ice Crush something....can't remember. But what I can tell you is, ICE CREAM IS GOOD FOR THE SOUL. Believe me.

Last time wanting to die: Uh? Like, never?

Last time scolded: A week ago.

Last website visited :

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Music of the moment : 12-51 - The Strokes

Fuhh!! Peritnye telinga....asal la bebudak kat Melaka nih suka sgt pecut motor lelaju? Kang terbabas kang...makan kari Alagapas tgh jalan...buduh.

Heh, not much to say. Went over to Yana's house just now because she n her housemates were having this big birthday party for 2 of their housemates, Afni and Kak Farah. Happy birthday!!! Hehe...jadikla jurukamera sebentar ^_^v

Neways, got addicted to this song. Hehehe....even though I didn't really know what the singer's singing about. But the melody's good, and I like it, so BLEH.

Pecal sed to me that his father was admitted to hospital earlier today. Dunno whether that's true or not. Are you lying to me man?? *raises one eyebrow*

I watched Rurouni Kenshin the series just now. Heh. Nothing to do I'm addicted to his "Orroo??" voice. Miahaha....kewlie Himura Kenshin! Love you loads! *GLOMPS*

Oh, it's 12 something oredi? So that means its Sunday!! Oh wow....Sunday. How fast time flies. I have yet to search for articles for that damn academic paper. Urgh. Why am I doing all the work??

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Saturday, January 17, 2004
what am I doing here?

Music of the moment : Stay Away - L'Arc-En-Ciel

Heh...dunno whut to say actually, but I just woke up, and I feel like crapping. So yeah, I'm here. I want to go and take a bath, but then it's occupied pulak....huh~ If there's one thing I hate about this house, it is its bad timing on everything. Urgh. -_-

Neways, I'll be changing my layout pretty soon. Just wait till I get home, I'll be poring over with that laptop of mum's. Heh...streamyx ku~~ I miss you~~ I wanna download songs, change layout and LOADS more. Huhuhu....riang nye hati nak balik Kedah~~ In the mean time, I'm stuck here, witha super-duper-hyper slow internet connection that can't even connect to Kazaa. the hell did I lived here anyways? T_T I wanna go home..!!

Chotto matte!!! I have exams after the the break. Arghhh...dammit. And guess whut? I have a Physics exam on Valentine's Day. How cruel this can it be this way?? WAWAWAWA!!!!!

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Friday, January 16, 2004
get well soon!

Music of the moment : Stellar - Incubus (I'm listening to Ariff's cd now)

Yana is sick. She sed that she kinda feel like vomiting everytime she is in front of food, and while having lunch with her just now, she just ate pau kari ayam. And she sed that she had been feling like this for a week. Gosh man, that's LONG. I once felt like this, when I was at Ida's house, visiting her while she still lived in Penang. I felt so weird because I cant eat. I actually had to force myslef GULPING the rice while drinking water. It's that bad. And I once couldn't eat in front of Ariff because I felt so frikkin nervous around him that when I actually did eat in front of him, I felt like I vomiting because I cudn't swallow the food. It was so weird, but it's true. But now, I can perfectly eat in front of him. So whatever it is that you're having Yana, get well soon, and I know how ur feeling. I've been there.

So, I'm going back to Kedah this Wednesday for my CNY+Mid term break. Yeahhhhh...sungguh rinag hatiku...hendak pulang ke rumahhh~~~

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i'm there for matter whut

Music of the moment : Clocks - Coldplay

Huwaaaaaa......I skipped class again today. It was because I woke up at 7.55 am this morning, and I have class at 8 am. Huh~~ And I have this *uberly* painful stomachache this morning, so I figured "Ahhh!! Screw the class!!!" So yeah. I hate missing classes. I felt so stupid now. T_T

So, did anyone read my previous entry? Hehe....believe it my friends, the great Incubus is set to rock our own lil KL this March 16. WOW. I still can't believe it.

Neways, about yesterday rite, the bitch was talking real loud because she's mad. And you know why she's mad? It's because her group haven't passed up the drama script, while it was due two days ago. THEY'RE SO DEAD. DEAD MEAT I TELL YOU. Hahahaha....I just hope she fails the whole course.

Heh~ Better go, I wanna catch some sleep. Gonna have lab at 3 today. And I hope I dun overslept.

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